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I am Stephanie Verstraeten and I work as a pedagogue, consultant and mediator, focused on talentdevelopment.

Why work with talent as a starting point? Positive emotions have two consequences.

1)They provide a expansion of the range of responses to situations in here and now.
2) They create a construction of physical and mental energy supplies in the long term!!

The time you invest in today or tomorrow has only a limited effect. The biggeste impact takes place when time is dedicated to the future. (Covey, 2003)

The way who I am is the way I work. My motto in life is; live your life to the limit and explore your boundaries by doing so!!! I want to learn and teach my way of living to other people. After years of working with gifted children I decided to start a new study, Pedagogy at the University NHL in Leeuwarden. My aim was and still is, to help adults and children in their search for their strengths. 

I run my own company Excellen Education. Excellent Education stands for discovering your talents and connecting them.
I manage to specific talents and learn people how to use them in work, life or study. By going out of the talents and strenghts the self esteem enhances.

In this proces I work also with the book of Buckingham, Discover your strenthgs. And I use te Toolbox, I choose for my Talent from L. Dewulf.

Excellent Education offers the following:



  • Workshop: How to stimulate and motivate adolescents in finding, using and keeping their talents.


This workshop is about how you can discover your talents and talents among children/adolescents. How can you stimulate that teachers and pupils use their own talents in school to optimize their results? Factors which have big influence on this development are motiviation and environment. How do you encourage adolescents to use their talents?

For who is this workshop:

For teachers, coaches and trainees
Result of this workshop: You know more about all facts which have influence in schoolsucces and you know how you can influence children and adolescents to better their performances.


  • Training; Talent at School

How do you make sure that children and adolescents get the best out of themselves? Do you want your team to be focused on talent? How can you support you school in this development?

In my work as an educator and talentcoach these questions keep coming back. Therefore I give training sessions at schools for teachers and coaches with the aim that they get a sharper view on their own talents but also learn to recognize the talents of their pupils. During this training you can bring your own questions.

This training consists of 2 parts.

My training is based on the strengths-based development. This is a methodology which is focused on coaching, training and development. It has its roots in the positive psychology.

Talents , personal qualities and strengths of your colleagues and pupils are the basic of this approach.
This program starts with an examination of what your own talents are. If you want to give talenteducation you should know what your own talents are and how they develop so you can recognize the talent of your pupils. My training focuses more on the effective use of talent and how you can develop your talents more.

Strengts-based development is particularly aimed at promoting the optimal functioning. the aim is to motivate the intrinsic motivation.

First part: (3 trainingdays of 2,5 hours) 

  • Introduction, what's your talent?
  • Naming your talents and the talents of your colleagues
  • Create a talent profile of your team 
Second part:( 2 trainingdays of 2,5 hours)


  1. Create a talentprofil of your pupils
  2. Teach your children how to use their talents in their schoolwork


  • Empowerment workshop for Children
This workshop increases the empowerment of children is based on the appreciative approach.Together with parents or other important people in the lives of children I am always looking for how they can implement this way of approach in to daily practice.

The content of the workshop:

I work with the talenttoolbox from L.Dewulf and E. Pronk. This method brings out the best in children. Confidence and resilience grow through positive thoughts. In the toolbox I use 39 talents. this 39 talents emerged from the many conversations over the last few years with children and adults about their talents.The toolbox consists of several workingmethods that I use with and for the children. It is about discovering their talents. And more important how to use their talents more.The result is amazing. Their confidence increases enormously.



  • Conference day for schoolteachers and principals about empowerment

Do something with ease what others find difficult is called talent ,


                                        do something what whith only talent fails is called genius

                                                         (Henri-Fréderíc Amiel, filosoof, 1821-1881)



                                                                                                                                                                     ©Excellent Education